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Our Story

I need some information to write this section: When was the Rio Missions Base founded? What was your inspiration for doing so? What broke your heart for the people you now serve? What did God say to get you started? How did you do it? What resources did you have or did God release for this ministry? What help did you have from others? What were you doing before you started this ministry? What was your goal in establishing the base? How much of that goal has been accomplished at the base? What can you say about some of the kids who first came to the base? What are they doing today? Do some of the kids join the staff or volunteer at the base or somewhere else – how do they “pay it forward”? How many kids/families does the base support with education, meals, discipleship, etc. today compared to when you first started? What is your dream for the future of the Rio Missions Base?

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Our Team

You need to add a page that describes the Rio mission base. When was it founded and by whom? How many kids/families does it support with education, meals, discipleship, etc. You may want to include financial information. How is the money spent? What are the financial needs? Is there a governing board? If so, who is on it and what is their experience (short bios). Who are the leaders? What are their roles? How long have they served at the base? What is their experience (short bios)? There should also be a short boilerplate paragraph on both the Rio base and Love and Justice as well as a brief description of how they are related. Americans will be hesitant to invest if they don’t see credible leadership, accountability/oversight, and sound fiscal management. You may want to include a statement of faith.

Our mission is to be the bridge that connects children, youth, and young adults currently in a situation of vulnerability both socially and economically to a standard of life that offers them dignity, good health, and a better future. By providing quality education, biblical discipleship, and love, we will return men and women to society who choose to live with integrity, upholding the moral and ethical values and principles of Jesus.

We believe there is only one effective way of teaching – by example. Therefore, at our missions base, all children, youth, and young adults are taught in a practical way through exclusive dedication of our instructors. Then, teaching is a hard task that demands of us interaction, time, and communion. (WDTM?)

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Our Mission and Vision
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