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A Love and Justice ministry, the Rio Mission Base serves the Tuiuti and Mangueira regions. These low-income areas in Rio de Janeiro daily face poverty and violence. With little government support and an increasingly chaotic public education system, the cycle of poverty will continue without intervention.

For more than 8 years, we have worked primarily with the at-risk, often abandoned or trafficked, children of these communities. At our facility – away from the violence and chaos they call home – the children study, play sports, hear the gospel, and are served nutritious meals in peace and safety. The sports attract the children, the education prepares them, and the gospel transforms them. Without our support, most of these children would be out on the streets, hungry and living in fear, while forced to carry rifles or radios for trafficking or drugs.

In addition to programs for the children, we have vocational training programs for adults and serve meals to the hungry in our area.

When “our” kids graduate from our programs, they do so with hope for a better future. You can play a critical role in giving hope to the poor and future generations of Rio by supporting our work.

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